Enjoy every moment!

Live in present!


enjoy.d相信,真正天然,真正安全,一切要由原材料開始。產品配方大部分都只有二十種或以下,以精簡不影響荷爾蒙為主,剔除不必要化學物,製作出天然健康護膚品。產品採用優質原料,由英/美/法/日進口。防腐成份有些用草本萃取物、有些用食品級防腐劑或天然防腐劑,取決於產品用法。主打產品天然香體露,以日本柿子萃取物除臭,純天然精油助抗菌。enjoy.d絕不使用Parabens、Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)、石油 及Petroleum, 等有害健康的化學物、 亦絕無動物測試。


enjoy.d 是設計師品牌,創辦人Teresa L . 是一位天使媽媽,也是一位設計師。修讀英國的天然護膚配方課程,以及NAHA芳療,研究產品成份,學習調製心目中的理想配方。品牌取名為「enjoy.d」 提醒自己在困難中也要盡量感恩。以「浪漫」為風格,因為她體驗「愛」是人在艱難時最強大的能量。希望以自身的故事作為同路人的鼓勵。也希望每一位遇上enjoy.d的顧客,都能「珍惜當下,活好每一天」,感受Frendli、Freshen Up,Fall In Love和Beloved。 「不是因為幸福所以感恩,而是因感恩而感到幸福!」


Enjoy.d believes the best healthy skincare products should made by quality natural ingredients with “less is more” theory. Most of our recipes are less than 20 ingredients. Our ambition is to minimize unnecessary hormone effect to our user. Therefore, we internationally design our formula simple but functional. Our ingredients are imported from U.K/U.S./France/ Japan. Our preservative selection include natural antimicrobials, food-grade preservative and natural broad-spectrum preservative, depend on the product usage. Our hero products are aluminum-free deodorants spray & gel, made by Japanese persimmon extract and antibacterial essential oils. Our products do not include parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS), mineral oil, petroleum, nor testing on animals.


"Enjoy.d" is a designer brand. Our founder, Teresa L., is a designer and bereaved mother. She has studied UK natural skincare formulation course and NAHA aromatherapy to learn deeply on skincare ingredients. And then developed her ideal recipes. The reason naming this brand as "Enjoy.d" is to remind herself to enjoy and be thankful during difficult times. “.d”, is a slang of Hongkonger, means “more”; so the company name actually means “enjoy more.” Romantic is the branding visual style, as she experienced “LOVE” is her reason to live in tough times. She hopes her story can inspire others bereaved parents and help friends with hormone issue able to find toxic-free skincare products. She wishes her products can remind customers to “enjoy every moment, live in present”, by naming products as ”Fall In Love” and “Beloved”, “Frendli” and ”Freshen Up”

“Feeling grateful not only in the happy times; being thankful during tough times will make you feel blessed. ”

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