Connect with our customer service team within 7 days of receiving the products

Email us at, message us on Facebook inbox or call (852)38990603. We want to make sure that we understand your reason for wanting to return. We can also recommend products for exchanges. It is important that you contact Customer Care before you send in a return or exchange. We are not responsible for returns lost in transit that have not been communicated to Customer Care.

* Please note that if you have received the incorrect product you must contact us within 7 days in order to receive the correct product. 


請發送電子郵件至,或在Facebook收件箱上給我們留言或致電(852)38990603。 我們希望確保您了解您想要返回的原因。 我們也可以推薦用於交換的產品。 在您發送退貨或換貨之前,請務必聯繫客戶服務中心。 對於未聯繫我們的運輸途中的退貨,我們一概不負責。


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